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  1. Hattie says:

    Awesomeness!! Thanks for sharing the directions.

  2. Kelly Meade says:

    These are so cute, Kimberly!!!

  3. Anne says:

    great video and I bet your mom loves the invitations 😀!

  4. Gail says:

    I love the sympathy cards!

  5. Hilda MASI says:

    Love them, would like to see you make one.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for sharing! Adorable!!!

  7. Kelly says:

    LOVE this!!!

  8. Christine says:

    These are totally adorable!

  9. Christine says:

    I especially love the wrapped candies! 🙂

  10. Nancy says:

    too cute!

  11. Karen Mink says:

    These are really cute!

  12. Anne says:

    what a great idea! (Bailey my Boston agrees 🙂

  13. Anne says:

    So adorable, love the use of the Paper Pumpkin stamps!

  14. Diana Wilson says:

    Oh, my gosh! just love this. Thank you.

  15. Anne says:

    how cute! I wanted to get that crafting forever set, but got something else instead. Now I wish I had gotten it lol

  16. Hattie Nelson says:

    How adorable are these little piggies!! I love how you share the “ingredients” and “recipe” with us.

  17. Laura Ann says:

    So stinkin’ cute! I would love to receive one… or make a bunch. =-)

  18. Kelly says:

    This was so helpful, Kim! I still haven’t tested mine out!! I will definitely refer to this when I do.

  19. Deb DeLillo says:

    Oh my. I’ve never seen the Scan N Cut before but now I’m dropping big hints to my husband…. Love it and all the cute Coffee Break goodies you made.

  20. […] Coffee Break Suite by Stampin’ Up […]

  21. PaperedChef says:

    Thanks for your comments. I love it so much. Today, I was coloring stamps with friends. They both fussy cut their stamps. I waited until I got home to cut mine out. The Brother Scan N’ Cut is just so much more accurate than fussy cutting.

  22. Lisa Marie says:

    I stumbled upon your YT video and was thrilled to find a SU demonstrator who also has a Scan N Cut! I own a SNC and lots of SU products, but can’t find many people who use both. After watching your videos, I had to subcribe to both your YT channel and blog because I can’t wait to see what else you do with your SNC and SU products! Thanks so much for the inspiration!!!! 🙂 I’m pinning your projects and sharing with my personal friends too…hope that brings you some business.

  23. Lisa Marie says:

    LOVE IT!!! You are so creative! Thanks for sharing your ideas with us. 🙂

  24. Lisa Marie says:

    You have inspired me to use my SNC more. Thank you!!!

  25. Lisa Marie says:

    I never even thought about using the SNC for masking….awesome tip!!! Many thanks!

  26. PaperedChef says:

    Thanks for your comments Lisa Marie. I think the Brother Scan N’ Cut is the best kept secret of the crafting world. I don’t know what I would do without mine. The other day, my friends and I were coloring stamped images. They each fussy cut their images and I waited until I got home to cut it out with my machine. It does a more accurate and professional job. Thanks for pinning my posts. It doesn’t make us lazy crafters, it makes us better crafters.

  27. Linda H says:

    Really cute!!

  28. PaperedChef says:

    Thank you for your comments Lisa and Linda. This is my favorite of my Perked Up Pigs series.

  29. Christina says:

    Wow!!! I just purchased a Scan N’ Cut and and still very new as to how to use it to its full potential. When cutting Stampin’ Up DSP, what setting do you have your blade set to?

    Love your videos and all your crafty ideas!

  30. DIANA L. says:

    Super cute ideas love all your projects

  31. Thanks Diana, I love this suite and so did the people who I gave these gifts too. I’m having fun with it.

  32. What a TREAT!! This looks spectacular and delicious!

  33. Anti-Gnostic:Your comment jolted me–but you very well may be right. And, if you are, I'd hazard that it's got something to do with a difference between women teachers of today and those of many years ago.Gotta mull that some.

  34. That’s really thinking at a high level

  35. ~amy~ says:

    What awesome treats! Love them!

  36. ~amy~ says:

    So wonderful, really love that new SU collection!

  37. ~amy~ says:

    Such a fantastic basket filled with coffee goodness!

  38. Shelly says:

    Oh, this is sooo SWEET!

  39. Shelly says:

    Wow! Fabulous gift basket!

  40. Heidi says:

    Wow, love this gorgeous project, well thought out!

  41. Heidi says:

    These Stampin Up cuties are gorgeous, great design!

  42. Heidi says:

    Awesome combination of different designs and they fit so well together!

  43. Carla vdM says:

    WAUW…what a wonderfull bunch of Coffee-fun on my screen.
    I like it all and your cards are gorgeous.

  44. Thanks everyone. I gave one package to a friend as a thank you and the other package and candle were for a birthday/thank you gift basket. Both of my friends LOVED them. I was glad I took the pictures before giving all of the goodies away. I used a whole pack of Coffee Break DSP for the projects.

  45. Ann says:

    So yummy. And a cute little set.

  46. Amy Corr says:

    Gorgeous and efficient use of this new SU! DSP! Love the variation of your projects!

  47. Becca Yahrling says:

    What an absolutely fun and delicious project! LOVE this!!
    So creative.

  48. Becca Yahrling says:

    That paper is wonderful and so are these fun projects.

  49. Becca Yahrling says:

    Wowza, awesome gift basket. Who wouldn’t love these
    fun gifts. I’ve faved your store to look at after the hop…

  50. Cindy C. says:

    So creative!!

  51. Cindy C. says:

    These are beautiful!!

  52. Liza says:

    Very cute. Love he eagle!

  53. Verna Angerhofer says:

    Fantastic project and looks like some fun treats too!

  54. Verna Angerhofer says:

    Gorgeous and I can see all the work you put into this too! Just wonderful!

  55. Verna Angerhofer says:

    Whoever gets this gift basket will be just thrilled. It is awesome!

  56. Tina Jones says:

    What a great story about your mom! The projects are nice. I love your blogs. Thanks for sharing.

  57. Fiki says:

    Love it!
    so pretty!

  58. Fiki says:

    oh wow!
    all is so very pretty!
    love it!

  59. PaperedChef says:

    Thanks Tina. I just learned about these things from my Mom. I heard bits and pieces before but I finally asked her the whole story. Then, when I decided to write it down, I had to interview her like a reporter to fill in the details. I was so impressed.

  60. So cool! What a great idea!

  61. oh my… love all of these! So awesome!

  62. Wow wow! You were busy! All of this is so awesome… are you sure you didn’t make it for me? I think you might have…

  63. Sue Kruse says:

    Which model do you have?

  64. PaperedChef says:

    Hi Sue, I have a link to the CM 350 on Amazon. That is the closest to what I have. If you follow along with that model from the link above, you would be able to complete the same projects I did.

  65. Sibylle says:

    What an adorable project. Love these! Thank you for the directions.

  66. Anonymous says:

    You are awesome and your projects are amazing!! Thanks so much for sharing 😊

  67. […] Cutting out Dinosaurs with the Brother Scan N’ Cut – Pick a Pattern DSP […]

  68. Linda says:

    I really want one of these!
    Do you know if they are compatible with the Apple Imax computer. Mine is only a couple years old. What I have read they have to be compatible with your computer.

  69. Lisa Ciufo says:

    Love them all, great video!

  70. Nancy says:

    So very cute. Ok to share? Would love to copy for my group!

  71. Jennifer Ghormley says:

    Did you use the Brother Scan & Cut to create the small coffee cup the pig is holding? I thought it was just cut from the DSP but it’s smaller than the image from the DSP.
    Love this card.

  72. Yes Nancy, feel free to share this. Just be sure to include a link to my blog where the members of your group can find the recipe and instructions for making the project.

  73. Hi Linda, sorry for the delay. I just found this comment. The best part about the Brother Scan N’ Cut is that you hardly ever need to connect it to a computer. It is completely independent. You can scan and cut all of the designer series papers as I have demonstrated throughout my blog. You only need the computer to download updates to your machine and to download SVG and project files. You can also use the Canvas program which is web based and then download projects you create.

  74. Sibylle says:

    Love this!

  75. Anonymous says:

    So creative! Thanks for sharing.

  76. Barb Cost says:

    I have just purchased the Brother Scan N Cut 2 and would like any helpful tips and tricks and ideas that you can share. I have enjoyed already what you have shared. Thank you!!

  77. Teresa Leggo says:

    Got my machine today :). What a great tutorial. Off to dig out my retired dsp and have a go.

  78. Linda H says:

    This is beyond cute!!

  79. PaperedChef says:

    Thanks Linda, I laugh every time I look at this card.

  80. Dianna says:

    I could not get my scanNcut to cut out the poodles. Don’t know what I was doing wrong?

  81. Linda H says:

    These are cut from the top but it would have been nice to see the rest of the cups?? Need another picture???

  82. Linda H says:

    Meant they are cute!

  83. Robyn Jordan says:

    These are soooo adorable!
    Thank you for all the links to everything too
    I am going to be making a few teacher gifts using this idea! TFS

  84. Your right dude. They should amend their tactics to terrorise the terrorists… catch one, and then arrest the whole friggin family and have a public execution. Shoot all the mother cheebye son daughter cousin uncle auntie grandmother grandfather. Do it enuf mabbe these fuckers will think twice about becoming a terrorist…

  85. Kan absolute a betale Bill’s burger – en rigtig amerikansk burger! 😀 den ligger I Midttown tæt ved times square.Hvis I skal ud og se Frihedsgudinden sÃ¥ sæt rigeligt tid af til museet pÃ¥ Ellis Island

  86. Hattie Nelson says:

    Great tips! Such a great way to keep track of the die sets! Thanks for sharing.

  87. May 31, 2011 at 7:47 amIt’s funny you bring up how much we’re learning and how fast we’re learning. When I interviewed JK last night he said in the last year he’s learned more than he learned during his entire college career. When I look at how much information I’ve absorbed just out of curiosity and interest, this became really apparent to me. I’ve been a voracious reader, and I’ve learned more about people than I have in my entire life. It’s true that when you work for somebody else you do what they want to you to do every single day. Reply

  88. Je suis d’accord avec cleopat je me méfirais d’acheter à n’importe qui sur puis je viens d’en trouver rien en tapant préparation H sur google alors autant etre prudente.

  89. Marie says:

    Love your methods of storage, while I agree you don’t need to draw every nesting die, I would write the number of dies in the center.

  90. Karen Aicken says:

    OMGosh, this is so clever and creative. Thanks for sharing!

  91. Beth Merkle says:

    So cute! Great idea!

  92. best list says:

    I do not even know how I finished up right here, however I thought this put up was once great.
    I don’t understand who you might be but definitely you’re going to
    a famous blogger if you are not already. Cheers!

  93. Linda H says:

    Really cute!! Who doesn’t love Mickey Mouse??!!

  94. PaperedChef says:

    Thanks for your comments. Linda, I added another image with a better view of the cups from the front. Robyn, I look forward to seeing what you create for teachers. I’m sure they will love it.

  95. Karen Letchworth says:

    What an awesome stamp set, and your card is stunning!

  96. ~amy~ says:

    What a fantastic project! Perfect for gifting!

  97. Fabulous card, Love the use of the coffee package! Happy Hopping!

  98. Vinita Jain says:

    Wonderful gift and pretty work!

  99. Becca Yahrling says:

    What a lovely & yummy gift! Cute design!
    I work at a supermarket and this coming weeks
    ad has so many pumpkin flavor items coming out …
    on sale!! Yay!

  100. Stacy says:

    oh how cool is this 🙂 I love it!

  101. Hetty says:

    My favorite flavor, I wish we could get these packages over here! Delicious card!!

  102. Lori Turner says:

    Very pretty way to give a coffee gift! Great card!

  103. Kelly says:

    Love this! Such a cute gift idea!

  104. Verna Angerhofer says:

    Fabulous and fun way to give a treat.

  105. Fiki says:

    its so very beautiful!

  106. PaperedChef says:

    Thanks everyone. I sent this to my friend already with two pouches so she can enjoy one and share one with a friend. She is overseas so I don’t think this is available there.

  107. Oh wow! This is fun! Love it!

  108. Anonymous says:

    I love the snowmen! Thanks.

  109. Shanna says:

    Great design, love it


  110. Anonymous says:

    This is one of my favorite projects!!!!

  111. Hi, I met you at Hattie’s stampin up weekend. Thank you so much for showing me the brother machine and letting me take notes. I took your link to amazon and bought one. Their instructions were not as detailed as yours. Thank you so much. I am very happy with my machine. Hope you get the credit. Florence.

  112. Love the wrapping! So a cute idea for a teacher!

  113. Hattie says:

    Such a thorough review of the Brother’s Scan and Cut. I went back and forth about ordering it but will definitely order it using your link!

    Thank you!

  114. Cathie Reardon says:

    Love this idea, what a great gift. When cutting the oval, is that cutting it all the way out?

  115. PaperedChef says:

    Thanks Hattie! With blog followers like you, it makes me want to keep making as many tutorials as possible. I will keep the tips coming.

  116. PaperedChef says:

    Cathie, I cut the oval out of the dsp as shown in the picture above. I flattened out the dsp and used Painter’s Tape to hold the die in place while I cut it.

  117. PaperedChef says:

    Florence, I just found this comment. I really appreciate it. I have created even more tutorials and will keep them coming. Here’s my latest:
    Cutting out Stamped Images with the Brother Scan N’ Cut – Glamper Greetings

  118. Melinda says:

    I see you used tape to hold down the top of your paper before you scanned. I have had a few problems with the paper lifting.

  119. So cute. I love this paper too and I don’t even drink coffee. Great job!

  120. jutta says:

    love your ideas, so talented. I can imagine the time it takes to figure out the sizes. I just did one for 4 light tea holder and still not happy with the results. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful ideas.

  121. PaperedChef says:

    Thanks for your comments Jutta. I spend a lot of time and when it finally comes out the way I want it to, I have to figure out where I wrote it down so I can share. Last year, I found a die cut to make shaker boxes. It was so easy to use and fit three tea lights perfectly without all of the fuss. Check it out if you have a Big Shot.

  122. carol U. says:

    Love your creative talent. Where can i find the little round wood shapes? I love how you
    tell how to display at a craft fair. I have a friend that’s in a fair in two weeks.
    keep up the good work. Carol u.

  123. Consuelo says:

    Great ideas thanks for sharing,

  124. Consuelo says:

    Where you get the little calendars, if I may ask. ♥️♥️♥️

  125. PaperedChef says:

    Thanks Carol, I found the little wood pieces at a craft shop and tried to find the same ones on Amazon. I provided a link to the closest thing I could find in this post. I also have seen them at AC Moore, Hobby Lobby, etc. in the seasonal section. They are great for filling jars with while decorating. Here is the link. Scroll down to the bottom to see the product on Amazon.

  126. PaperedChef says:

    Hi Consuelo, I decided to buy them instead of making the calendars because they were already cut and bound. I found them on Ebay. They were really cheap from a buyer in the UK but the shipping was really expensive. Then, they took about 3 weeks to arrive and only one third of them were in my order. I contacted the seller already to ask where the other two thirds of my calendars were and I’m waiting for a reply. If I find a more reliable seller, I will let you know. If not, I think I will start making them myself.

  127. Cheryl Roosma says:

    I really like your treat project. Did you use the 1 x 7″or 1x 10″ cello bags?

  128. I used the 1 by 7 inch ones. I hope that if you purchase them, you will use the link to Amazon within this post. I get them from Amazon and they always arrive within a week.

  129. Marcia Bidwell says:

    Cute card! What punches did you use for the turkey?

  130. PaperedChef says:

    Hi Marcia, I found these cute felt stickers at Hobby Lobby. I also made something similar last year with my Cricut but it is a little challenging to cut felt so I was happy to find the stickers.

  131. Verna Angerhofer says:

    These are fantastic. Great gift idea.

  132. amy says:

    These are soooooo CUTE!
    Great gifties!

  133. Gail Scott says:

    Someone is getting blessed – fabulous treat there TFS

  134. Billie A says:

    fun gift ideas. I like the look. pretty

  135. MariLynn says:

    What great little treats. Love the striking color combo

  136. These are really cool! Love them!

  137. Vinita Jain says:

    So perfect for gifting, love them!

  138. Hetty says:

    Great gift idea and beautifully made!

  139. Shelly says:

    These are so sweet!

  140. megan youness says:

    These are super cute and I would definitely order these.

  141. Kren says:

    What kind of card stock did you use for the #5 setting?

  142. Kren says:

    This video was very helpful for a beginner like me. Just wanted to know if you know a setting for the Walmart Georgia Pacific card stock? Or Neenah 80#? I see all these people in videos cutting into their mats the first time so I haven’t tried to cut anything.

  143. PaperedChef says:

    Hi Kren, Thanks for watching.

    I use a blade depth of 4 for Stampin’ Up double-sided designer series paper or any of the medium weight scrapbooking paper you see in Joann, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, etc.

    I use a blade depth of 5 for any cardstock with is light or medium from a pack like the Whisper White or Very Vanilla card stock from Stampin’ Up or the pads of paper like the Martha Stewart Essentials pad.

    I use a blade depth of 6 for any thick card stock like the Stampin’ Up colored card stock packs or packs of glitter card stock. I usually never have to go higher than this unless I’m cutting poster board.

    You can run a test cut so that you don’t cut into your mat. That way, just a very tiny section is cut out.

  144. Toni Weresch says:

    Very informative video, Thank you!

  145. Anonymous says:

    I love your videos and little projects! I just got a ScanNcut for Christmas and now need to get busy!

  146. PaperedChef says:

    Thanks, you will love your Scan N’ Cut. Here are many projects I made with the help of my Brother Scan N’ Cut.

  147. janet says:

    This is a great project!

  148. PaperedChef says:

    Thanks Janet, I’ve already had a positive response when I gave these as gifts.

  149. Peggy Hayes says:

    Thanks so much! Your tutorials are terrific. My sister and I recently bought the Scan N Cut and you are explaining exactly what we’d like to do.

  150. PaperedChef says:

    Glad I can help Peggy! Which model did you purchase? You will love your Brother Scan N’ Cut. I even travel with mine in my luggage. Here’s my latest ScanNcut tutorial.

  151. Debbie says:

    Awesome! I’m going to totally look into the Brother Scan and Cut! This is the first time I’ve seen this thing! Also, I have the Party Panda set. I had the best luck with Stazon. Be sure it’s really inked up.

  152. Thanks Debbie, I will try Stazon which is in my stash. If you decide to purchase one, please use the link to Amazon from any of my Brother Scan N’ Cut posts.

  153. Marie Kinnear says:

    Are the wobble springs in the S U catalog?

  154. Hi Marie, the Wobble Springs are not sold by Stampin’ Up. They are so much fun. To order them, please click on the link above. It will take you to the exact product on Amazon.

  155. Karen says:

    These are so cool! I just bought a batch of Sharpies and couldn’t remember what I saw on the Internet for using them. Now I don’t need to remember because you have given me a new idea! This is a fantastic project and I can’t wait to try making them. Thank you for the instructions.

  156. Gloria says:

    Do you have to be connected to computer to scan and cut stamped images out

  157. Kim Quade says:

    I really love how you die cut the hole in the box! You say you used a small acrylic plate. From where? I know it sounds odd but I don’t get to the craft stores much. Do they sell a small plate? Thanks in advance for your help.

  158. Maria says:

    What is the size of tiny clear box? Where did you purchase? Cute projects!

  159. Thanks for your comment Maria. The boxes are from Stampin’ Up and they are a really great quality and hold the K-cups perfectly. I will try to edit this post when I get home so that a direct link to them is included. In the meantime, please click on the link within this post if you would like to purchase them from my store. For each $50 you spend on anything in the store, you get a FREE item from the Sale-A-Bration brochure.

  160. PaperedChef says:

    Hi Kim, I just added a link within this post to the small cutting plates you can use. They are great to have. You get them on Amazon. You place one inside of the box and then you place the die face down on the box. Then, you place the second cutting plate on top of the die and run it through. You want to make sure that you always use your smooth die on top. I used a scratched die and it made a scratched pattern all over my silver box.

  161. Lynn says:

    You’ve and sweated a number of quotations I’ve had. Thanks so much.

  162. Rhonda says:

    How do I order from you? Where do you get the lids for your 4oz coffee cups?

  163. Rhonda says:

    Love it, I am wondering how I order from you?

  164. PaperedChef says:

    Hi Rhonda,

    Thanks for your compliment about my crafts! I’m glad I’ve inspired you to order. Here is my Stampin’ Up web site. For every $50 you spend, you get a free Sale-A-Bration item. I’m available to help with questions you may have.

    There is also a host code to use on the home page. I send homemade items to my customers who use the host code.

  165. PaperedChef says:

    Hi Rhonda, you can get the cups and lids from Amazon using the link provided above. If you are very ambitious and want to buy the cups in bulk, I recommend the Webstaurant store which is a wholesale store for restaurants. To order from my online Stampin’ Up store, please visit this site:

  166. Cindy says:

    Wow!!! These projects are practical and fun! You’ve been busy! When a new stamp set becomes available, your creativity lights up! Thanks for sharing these amazing crafts!

  167. Anonymous says:

    You are awesome

  168. Barbara Mann says:

    Paperedchef – HOW in the World do you have time to make ALL these amazing projects? You blow me away with all you accomplish!

  169. Barbara Mann says:

    Paperedchef – HOW in the World do you have time to make ALL these amazing projects? You blow me away with all you accomplish!

  170. PaperedChef says:

    Thanks Barbara, I look forward to crafting when I get off work. I think my trick is to do things in stages. One day, I just stamped lemons. Another time, I just stamped leaves. My Mom helped me punch them out put then I just pulled all of these creations together in two days because I had all of the lemons stamped. One day, I will try to do a video on my assembly line process.

  171. PaperedChef says:

    Thanks for your comment Cindy! I had a blast. Just last night, I made this cup with the Myths & Magic suite.

    Myths & Magic Unicorn Mini Coffee Cup Holder

  172. Rhonda says:

    Love your designs, as usual

  173. PaperedChef says:

    Thanks Rhonda! I love to share my designs, even if they were inspired by sad occasions.

  174. Nicole says:

    Great tutorial! I’ve been looking for a way to get an “outline distance” or margin on the inside cutout. Like for example for the scissors you demonstrated how to cut out the circles inside the handle, but they are right on the line. Is it possible to cut out the circles with a margin?

  175. PaperedChef says:

    Thanks Nicole, I’m sure it is possible to do easily. The only way I know how to do it now is to manipulate the cut data that is saved by scaling it down. I’m trying to figure out an easy way to do it without any witch craft, magic spells or trickery. Once I figure it out, I will be sure to post a video tutorial showing how to do it.

  176. Awe, how cute are those. Super cute idea. TFS

  177. Rebecca says:

    Fun projects!!

  178. Mo Rootes says:

    I love this paper Kimberley and you have created great little treat holders, thanks for sharing

  179. April says:

    Cute tags!

  180. Eva Pottsova says:

    that’s a fun project. I am on a fence for a long time about the scan machine.

  181. Amy says:

    These are so awesome! Love the idea – thank you for sharing!

  182. Joanne Hodge says:

    Cute little giftable idea. Love this paper!

  183. Susan says:

    Fabulous idea – TFS!

  184. What fun festive projects! TFS!

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  186. Christina says:

    These are too cute!! Thanks so much for sharing.

  187. Rachel says:

    This is such a cute project!

  188. Fun little project. TFS x

  189. Linda says:

    Lovely project, love the bubble and fizz dsp

  190. Laurie Meier says:

    Great project! I haven’t added that DSP to my collection – but, you’ve convinced me that I do really need it!! 🙂

  191. This is a cute way to use the bubble & fizz paper! Would be cute for a summer party! 🙂

  192. Tracy Lewis says:

    great design, thanks for sharing!

  193. PaperedChef says:

    Thanks to all of you for your comments. I’m thrilled to have such positive feedback on my project.

  194. Shannon Cole says:

    What fun treat holders! I love this DSP 🙂 it’s so fun!

  195. I love your little projects! They are SO cute! Would be perfect for birthday favors. Thanks for sharing!

  196. What a fun project Kimberly. Love them. TFS!

  197. Rhonda says:


  198. […] seen this quick and fun project on Pinterest – from The Papered Chef – and thought they’d be fun to make.  And since they’re quick and easy – […]

  199. Barbara Allen says:

    I’m making mine just a little different for a friend who had cancer of the vocal chords and can no longer speak. I haven’t made it yet so I’m not sure it will work but this is what I’m doing. I’ll be cutting the strips 3″ X 10″ and making two of them to put back to back. On the front piece will be the Sharpie and maybe a regular pen if it fits. In the pocket on the back, I’ll be putting blank strips of paper so he’ll have it handy to write notes/messages to people. He’s going to Las Vegas with me but I’ll be at On Stage and this will allow him an easy way to communicate when I’m not around – like ordering a large Coke, asking where the restroom is, placing a food order and so on.

    Thank you for the basic idea.

  200. Rhonda says:

    Have watched all of these videos several times: ABSOLUTLY AWESOME!

  201. Papered Chef says:

    Thanks for checking these out Rhonda! I loved sharing my excitement as I saw them for the first time!

  202. Ashey Endy says:

    I see my coffee gift card holder 🙂 loved swapping with you at the event and loved seeing all of the other swaps!!

  203. PaperedChef says:

    Ashey, I didn’t even know that was your project so cool and one of the only Big Shot projects in the whole Shoe Box swap. Thanks.

  204. April says:

    These would make cute end of school year gifts for the students!

  205. Christina says:

    I love these projects. They are so great.

  206. Rhonda says:

    Are your curled up daisies made with the punch? These are absolutely delightful

  207. […] Kerman Kirsten Aitchison Tracey Gouraud Rachel Traudt Ilka Teschke Danielle Kassing Mo Rootes Kim Smith Courtney Heuston Jenn Charles Idonna Miller Terry Montgomery Joanne Hodge Sandra Roberts Laura […]

  208. Laurie Meier says:

    LOVE your project!!! Thank you for sharing!

  209. Rachel says:

    These sets are both still on my wish list. I’m glad they’re sticking around!

  210. BestSteven says:

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    don’t waste your traffic, you can earn extra bucks every
    month because you’ve got high quality content. If you want to know how to make extra bucks,
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  212. Stephanie says: typed wrong..

  213. Rhonda says:

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  214. Frenchiee says:

    Thank you , I enjoyed your video on Trudy Frutti, lol it’s pretty, your right , I have to touch it too,
    Thanks again ♥️

  215. PaperedChef says:

    Thanks for watching Frenchiee. I wish I would have had this paper sooner because it is super cute. Glad I received a pack of this before it retired.

  216. Barb Comfort says:

    You have been very busy. Everything looks fabulous I like the strawberries wrapped and put in the little box. I need t o return th o look at more things you have put together

    My 350 Scan &Cut arrived today. I have been busy reading information and cleaning up a place to put it that will be convenient.

  217. PaperedChef says:

    Thanks Barb, I had loads of fun making these and now when I see any fruit candy or snacks, I think of how I can decorate it with this suite.

  218. Papered Chef says:

    Thanks Stephanie and Rhonda. You don’t have to be an Under the Sea type to love this octopus.

  219. PaperedChef says:

    Sorry Rhonda, just saw your question when I went to add some more pictures to this post. Yes, the daisy punch is linked above. I made hundreds of daisies with it and it is still going strong. I curl them a little with a bone folder which adds dimension.

  220. April says:

    Your video was great and you did a wonderful job. I tried this little piggy and was able to cut it out with no problem. Thanks.

  221. Rhonda says:

    So cute!

  222. Barb Comfort says:

    Cute sea you came up with. What will you use them for? Barb

  223. Rachel says:

    I always forget about doing this for a quick and cute gift. I’ll have to save your picture so I remember!

  224. Frenchiee says:

    Lovely, love those , ♥️
    Hugs Frenchie

  225. PaperedChef says:

    Thanks Rachel and Frenchiee. These are easy to make if you cover the whole bag of Nuggets at once.

  226. Mo Rootes says:

    These are so cute Kimberley x

  227. Amy says:

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  232. Another great way of showcasing a DSP stack. Fun project thanks for sharing x

  233. PaperedChef says:

    Thank you all for your comments. Barbara, I would love to see a picture of what you came up with for your fried who went to OnStage with you. These ended up being my ShoeBox swap at a workshop that I attended the night before OnStage.

  234. I’m blown away by your creativity and parenting. Fun to hear the children.

  235. Cyndi says:

    Where do you get your nuggets? I used to be able to get them at the local grocery store, but they don’t carry them anymore.

  236. Barbara Comfort says:

    I like this idea, I will Case it for when I get this stamp set. Barb

  237. Barbara Comfort says:

    The in colors sure make a nice bright project. Barb

  238. Barbara Comfort says:

    What a unique way to present many, many videos. I have been all morning looking for a video I watched yesterday. I stamped what I wanted to cut out and decided to watch video once again and I cannot find it but I did discover those little arrows on the sides and followed them. I still haven’t found the video I wanted but I discovered tons of other videos! Guess I will have to go by what I watched last night. Barb

  239. PaperedChef says:

    Thanks Barbara,
    I created a video series and linked all of the videos in order so that they would be easy to navigate. I think you may be looking for Part 8 which was just published yesterday and it is about cutting out stamped images. Here is the link.

  240. Shirley Jacobs says:

    On the nail files boxes I could not find instructions for this. Was there one for these.

  241. Your muscles and joints

  242. I will try to post them. I have to do the measurements again but I think the little boxes are 1 inch on the front and back and 0.25 inches on the sides. Then, I pinch and glue the bottom while using a 3/4″ circle punch on the top. Not exactly sure but when I post the instructions, I will come back and add the link here.

  243. Laura says:

    Love all of your beautiful projects👏👏. Very inspiring👍 How long did you make your bookmarks?

  244. PaperedChef says:

    Thanks Laura, I wanted to let you know that I published a separate blog about the bookmarks. They are 6.5″ by 2″. Here is the link to the recipe for the bookmarks.

  245. PaperedChef says:

    Just saw this comment Barb. Thanks for your compliment and for taking the time to write a comment.

  246. I definitely need some guidance with my machine and the software!

  247. PaperedChef says:

    I’m here to help Amanda and I will contact you!

  248. Karen says:

    These are delightful! Thank you for sharing.

  249. Thanks Karen, I already gave half of them away and the recipients liked them too. I appreciate you taking the time to comment.

  250. Marie Kinnear says:

    those are lovely, what was the brand of that vellum tape?

  251. Jeanne says:

    I’m so into book marks lately that’s all I’m doing great video.

  252. PaperedChef says:

    Marie, to be honest with you, you don’t even need the vellum adhesive when working with the plaid tissue paper. I actually used Fast Fuse but the disadvantage is that it sometimes ripped by thin paper. When I use regular vellum, I used the vellum adhesive because it doesn’t show through. Here is the link to it and I also added to this post above.

    Jeanne, thanks for your comment. You get so much more out of your colored card stock when making bookmarks. I love giving them out.

  253. Lou says:

    Such great ideas. I just ordered this stamp/die set from my Stampin’ Up rep. Thanks for all the ideas! And I just ordered some cards from your Etsy store.

  254. Frenchiee says:

    Oh , I don’t think , I love it , thanks for sharing,
    Hugs Frenchie ♥️

  255. Thanks Frenchie! I made 10 of them and they are all gone. Everyone thinks they are cute. The treat holder can be used for lots of different things. Measurements are here if you want to give it a try.

  256. Rhonda says:

    As always, so very creative and cute

  257. Iris says:

    Beautiful! Looks like a lot of fun! Thank you for sharing.

  258. Barb Comfort says:

    Very nice!

  259. Thanks Iris and Barb. This is an easy way to get so much more out of your Paper Pumpkin kit. I still have pretty silver trimmed envelopes left over.

  260. Jeanne says:

    I made some from this and gave them to my book friends

  261. Jeanne says:

    Oh I would love to see u use your pro machine

  262. Karen Patterson says:

    I tried to scan and direct cut the new snowman set from stampin up but it is not scanning all of the snowman maybe a couple am I doing something wrong?

  263. Rhonda Hunter says:

    Love, Love this idea. Have all the materials and a couple made. Looking for craft fairs to rent a booth in this fall.

  264. PaperedChef says:

    Rhonda, as the saying goes “Built it, they will come.” You can start making them and even if you don’t find a craft fair right away, you can take pictures, show your friends and start taking orders. Thanks for your comment.

  265. Rhonda says:

    Where did you get your spring wobbles?

  266. PaperedChef says:

    Thanks Rhonda! I am going to make a lot more of these now that I have figured out the correct size.

  267. Norma McNary says:

    Where did you find the skittles in blue and brown
    I thought they might have been colored m & m’s

  268. Helen says:

    Awesome. I’ll be making a bunch of these for the ladies in my card playing group.

  269. Rhonda says:

    Where did you get your files?

  270. PaperedChef says:

    Thanks Helen, I know they will love the personal gifts because these are very useful.
    Rhonda, I get the nail files at all kinds of stores but I think the best deal is to buy them by the bag at Big Lots. At most, they should only be $1 each if you get them at a Five and Below store, Dollar Tree or other store. You can find them at beauty supply stores too. Because I have been making these for many years, I am always on the lookout for them year-round.

  271. PaperedChef says:

    Hi Norma, I found those Skittles at a store called Ollies. The bag is called the Americana mix and they sell them year-round. I also included a link to the Skittles on Amazon above. Thanks for commenting on my blog.

  272. PaperedChef says:

    Hi Karen, I think that you should try moving the snowmen to another part of the mat. Sometimes the scanner works better on different sections. Also, if there are any open areas, close the lines with a pencil. Use Black & White recognition mode. Try adding an outline distance of 0.4″ I hope these tips work for you.

  273. PaperedChef says:

    Thanks Hilda and Jeanne, I plan on making videos with this machine in the future. I just need to get a place with a better angle so that I can show all of the steps. Thanks for your comments.

  274. Barbara Comfort says:

    Nice change of pace. Do they hold more than one or is there a way to make them wider to hold a clue, however, one is nice. I will have to see what Christmas paper I have to use on these. Nice work!

  275. PaperedChef says:

    Hi Barbara, yes, you can make them wider. I would add a quarter inch on each side for each extra nail file. If you make the boxes too think, you wouldn’t be able to “pinch” the bottom shut but it would still work. Thanks for your comment.

  276. PaperedChef says:

    Sorry it took me so long to answer you Rhonda. I was just updating this post with a new card and saw this. Here is the link to the wobble springs that I used. Wobble your Stamped images:

  277. Barbara Comfort says:

    Cute as can be. Barb

  278. Papered Chef says:

    Matchbook Ghirardelli or Tea Bag Holders featuring Santa’s Workshop

  279. Rhonda Hunter says:

    Love the For you stamp!

  280. PaperedChef says:

    Thanks Rhonda, that little stamp is from Candy Cane Season. I used it all of the time because my 3/4″ Circle Punch is the perfect size for it.

  281. Vicky Griffith says:

    Love these. Thanks for sharing.

  282. Nancy OConnor says:

    Thanks for all of your great ideas!!


  283. PaperedChef says:

    Thanks Nancy! I had fun making these and will do even more with the refills.

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    You can use the best adsense alternative for any type of website (they approve all websites), for more details simply search
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  285. Barbara Comfort says:

    Very cute. Nice stamp set.

  286. Papered Chef says:

    Thanks Barbara, I love when Stampin’ Up! comes out with whimsical stamp sets like these.

  287. Those are adorable! TFS:)

  288. PaperedChef says:

    Thanks Donna! I love this suite so much that I never got tired of making these.

  289. Lorraine Putnam says:

    I love everything you made!!! You are awesome and so are your creations! I really appreciate your sharing. You are a dear soul!

  290. char says:

    Very cute – where did you get the calendar dates from?

  291. Frenchiee says:

    I love it , thanks for sharing, and thank you for getting back to me , your the best , I was hoping to have met you at convention in Orlando, but I understand,
    Maybe next time , my stampin fried /SandNcut , I love my machine ♥️♥️♥️,

    Tfs and for your videos ♥️♥️♥️

  292. Gail S. says:

    Another great video. tfs

  293. PaperedChef says:

    Thanks Frenchie and Gail. Frenchie, I went to On Stage in Paris so you would never have found me in Orlando. Maybe next time we can meet up, depending on where I go.

  294. Melanie says:

    Papere chef,Want to try this.What is the name of the scoring/cutting machine you use?

  295. Papered Chef says:

    Melanie, I just saw your question. Missed it before. I use the Stampin’ Trimmer and it scores too. Here is the link to my store where you can get it.

  296. Papered Chef says:

    Hi Char, sorry I missed your question before. Stampin’ Up! quickly sold out of these packs. I got the stickers for the dates inside of the Memories & More card packs.

  297. Rhonda Hunter says:

    I love it!

  298. PaperedChef says:

    Thanks Rhonda! I love gummy bears and I love this designer series paper.

  299. Gail S. says:

    Nice card and projects. Great tutorial. I like your tutorials and in addition to learning from the content of them, you speak clearly and not like you are in a hurry.

  300. lorraine says:

    Nice video. You do a great job. Your items are darling. Thanks for sharing.

  301. Papered Chef says:

    Thanks Gail and Lorraine, I appreciate you watching my video tutorials and providing feedback. It means a lot.

  302. Barbara Mann says:

    Kimberly – These are adorable and love the EASY, CAS cards!

  303. Anonymous says:

    Neat ideas. Can orders be place from the big catalog and still use the$50.00 dollars to get the free things? Thanks Carol Adams

  304. PaperedChef says:

    Hi Carol, Yes, you can order from the Annual Catalog, Occasions Catalog or even the Clearance Rack. If you spend $50 anywhere on the site, you will get a free item.

  305. Sylvia says:

    Hi Kimberly, thank you for my catalog & adorable frog card. If I wanted to order supplies to make cards only, no stamps, which would be my best option? I wish I could go to a class but doubt anyone in NC does this.
    Love your videos.

  306. Gail S. says:

    Another great video! Thanks for the informative and easy to understand step-by-step directions.

  307. PaperedChef says:

    Thanks Gail! I sure had a lot of fun making these Valentines. Still not done but the ScanNCut makes it faster and easier for me.

  308. Nancy Smith says:

    Love love love all your tutorials. I have learned so much about my Scan N Cut from watching your tutorials. Love all the Stamping Up turtorials as well. I tell everyone about your channel!

  309. Debbie says:

    What cute stocking stuffers those would make. How far from the edge did you place the oval die?

  310. Marie Kinnear says:

    Thank you sooo much for this tutorial I have this problem right now. Talk about perfect timing!

  311. Papered Chef says:

    Thanks so much Nancy! It means a lot that you are sharing my channel.

  312. PaperedChef says:

    Hi Marie, I’m so glad to hear that this tutorial was both timely and relevant. Thanks for your comment.

  313. Rhonda Hunter says:

    Cute cards. Thank you for the “happy mail”; the dog is adorable!

  314. Jeanne luddeni says:

    Oh I love this I’ve been doing this as ur doing it

  315. Papered Chef says:

    Thanks Ladies!

    You are welcome Rhonda. Yes, the dog makes me smile too.

    Glad you are trying out what you learned Jeanne!

  316. Frenchiee says:

    I love it……..thank you , love your candy treats , that dsp sure makes it sooo spring, ♥️
    Hugs Frenchie

  317. Gail S. says:

    Another informative video. I have to tell you that I have had a SNC since the first was released what 4 years ago? Your tutorials explain exactly how to do things in an easy to follow manner. I am learning a lot from you. Thank you, Kimberly.

  318. PaperedChef says:

    Thanks Gail, your machine will be happy that you are using it to its full potential. Thanks for watching my videos and visiting my blog.

  319. PaperedChef says:

    Thanks Frenchie, Glad to see you back again for more!

  320. PaperedChef says:

    Hi Debbie, sorry for taking so long to reply. The email notification about your comment went into my Spam folder. You should go at least a half inch down with the oval die to leave room for your rolling adhesive.

  321. Frenchiee says:

    Wow Kim , you ARE SO AWESOME , thank you for sharing , now I will be running to BIG M , to get me that holder , I loved your sweet cards , I love it when we can use our ScanNCut, without getting stamps , that gives me a chance to get something else, right ? Thanks again my friend ,
    Hugs Frenchie from
    Florida, ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  322. PaperedChef says:

    Frenchiee, thanks for your comment. I’m glad you like this technique. It is even more flexible than stamping because you can resize the sentiment. If you can’t find the holder at a retail store, please use my link to get one from Amazon. Thanks!

  323. Frenchiee says:

    Ooooh, I love it , I don’t get PP, but I can do it with hoppy for you , and or the valentines set , yes?
    I tryed drawing , omg I did …. sweet Autumn, that’s one of my granddaughter,name .lol
    Love it … thanks for the tip , oh but I used the pin holder that came with it , but I did order the one you have , but went to JoAnns and they don’t carry the mat for less money , I’ll have to go somewhere else, 😩😩😩
    Kim , thanks for all your classes ,
    Hugs Frenchie ♥️

  324. Papered Chef says:

    Thanks Frenchie! Oh yes, use whatever you have and make treats using these ideas and dimensions for inspiration. Glad you tried the pen holder trick already and soon you will be able to use your personal pens. I just use Amazon for my accessories because many craft stores stopped carrying Brother supplies a while ago. A shame.

  325. Rhonda Hunter says:

    Magnificent tutorial on scan n cut detailed images! Thank you

  326. PaperedChef says:

    Thanks for visiting Rhonda. I really love using both electronic die cutting machines and manual ones like the Big Shot. Both have their advantages.

  327. Pam Tobey says:

    I love this idea and will give it a try. Your viideos are always so helpful. I bought a Scan and Cut after watching many of your videos. Not sure I would have been brave enough without your tutorials, so thank you very much!

  328. PaperedChef says:

    Thanks Pam! I’m so glad that my videos gave you the confidence to use your machine. You are very welcome. Thanks for watching.

  329. Beth Lake Rathsman says:

    I like this project. Question: If given the option, would you stay with your Scan N Cut 2 or get the Scan N Cut DX. I want to purchase, but not sure which to get.

  330. Papered Chef says:

    Hi Beth,
    I love the DX because of the Autoblade technology. I will do a complete review of that machine as well and make some side-by-comparisons which I’m not in the position to do yet. I think it is all a matter or what you will use it for and how much you can afford. The DX cuts thicker materials and has a roller for vinyl.

  331. Frenchiee says:

    Oh my all beautiful Kim ♥️
    Tfs hugs

  332. Papered Chef says:

    Thanks Frenchiee! I had fun creating these projects. Thanks for checking them out.

  333. Pam says:

    Read you sell your craft items. How do I shop for your products

  334. PaperedChef says:

    Hi Pam, Yes, I do. I sell mostly at Craft Fairs and to friends. My Mom and I also have an ETSY shop. I post more of her stuff there than I do my Paper Crafts. Here is the link. You just ask for a Custom Order and I can make almost anything from this blog.

  335. Dolores Bennett says:

    Instant replay is invading our craft world?? I was hoping this was not same as I watched yesterday…it is.

    Hope a new one appears soon. Thanks

  336. Papered Chef says:

    Dolores, this is my blog and it sometimes takes me a while to create the blog post of a video I produced the weekend before because I work full time. I have already posted a new video on my YouTube Channel so be sure to go there and turn on the bell notifications. You will be updated on all of the latest videos the second they are published.

  337. Kim says:

    I LOVE your videos and ideas. You’ve made me love my SnC so much more! I’m a new SU demonstrator and you’ve given me so many great tips. Sending you love and deep thanks!

  338. PaperedChef says:

    Thanks Kim, your comments mean a lot. I really do appreciate you watching my videos. I will keep them coming.

  339. Hello! I just discovered your tutorials for the Brother Scan-n-Cut on You Tube. They are fantastic! Thanks so much!!! I have a general question about the Scan-n-Cut, not related to this post – that i hope you can help me with since you are so experienced with it. I have not had mine very long and am still learning so much – especially from you! I couldn’t find a way to reach you directly. Anyway . . . to my question . . . i am scanning the big flower image from the All That You Are Stampin’ Up! set. When it scans and the image displays to cut, the entire image is not black – like it did not recognize the entire image. I want to cut just around the image – not all the small details. I stamped in black hoping it would recognize it, but it didn’t scan all of it. Any suggestions, please? Thanks you.

  340. PaperedChef says:

    Hi Deana, thanks for your comment. Glad you discovered my channel. You can also contact me privately though my FaceBook page linked above but it is fine that you asked a question here because others can benefit as well. I had to look up the image of that stamp set. It is totally disconnected so it will not be recognized. Here is my pencil trick. Check out this video where I explain how to do this. Another one of my viewers traces in cellophane and scans. Both tricks should work. You need to close those gaps.

  341. Rhonda Hunter says:

    Great projects. How do you get free designs on your scan n cut from Brother?

  342. PaperedChef says:

    Hi Rhonda,
    You get them all from Brother Canvas Workspace. Here is a video to get you started. I also cover a lot of this in my Advanced course (linked above) which I think you are signed up for.

  343. Edie says:

    I really enjoy all of your videos. Sometimes I watch them over. The information is great and very helpful.
    You seem like such a helpful, busy person with the schoold projects, craft fairs and putting out all these great videos. Keep up the good work, you are very helpful. Thanks bunches.

  344. Papered Chef says:

    Thanks Edie, I keep busy but I love to craft and share so it is a great use of my free time. Thanks for watching my videos. Kim

  345. Rhonda Hunter says:

    Another fabulous tutorial!

  346. Papered Chef says:

    Thanks Rhonda! Glad you enjoyed it and I hope you stuck around for the bonus tip at the end.

  347. Jeanne Luddeni says:

    Yah I joined so I’m going to be learning a lot great teacher

  348. PaperedChef says:

    Thanks Jeanne, with you in my classes, I promise to always keep new ones coming so there are always fresh ideas. I love SkillShare. My Mom is also a seamstress, baker, and chef so I may have her join me for some classes too.

  349. Frenchiee says:

    Hi Kim it’s frenchie, I have a question,
    My is on the phone as we speak, she wants to buy a 200 ScanNCut just to cut , and she found one for $98 , do u think that would be fine for her , thanks frenchie

  350. Papered Chef says:

    Frenchie, this may sound like a good deal but if it is a Design and Cut, it doesn’t scan. Kim

  351. Stephanie says:

    Loved all your ideas! Thanks for sharing them.

  352. PaperedChef says:

    Thanks Stephanie! Glad you like the projects. I love to share.

  353. Dolores Bennett says:

    Never heard of stickers before but wow now that I do, my imagine is running over time.

    Big thanks, girl. Love your videos

  354. Dolores Bennett says:


    My comment should have read BOTTLE CAP STICKERS. Duh.


  355. PaperedChef says:

    Oh I’m cracking up. I know you have heard of stickers. We are all crafters. Glad you like the Bottle Cap ones for making projects look 3D.

  356. Carol Hall says:

    Love your videos especially because you use Stampin’ Up products with your Scan n Cut machine. Keep them coming.

  357. Dee-Ellen Cook says:

    I just subscribed to the Paper Pumpkin thru your name all because of your wonderful videos. Love your Scan n Cut directions using Stampin’ Up products. You the best!!!

  358. I enjoy your videos, You helped me learn to use my scan n cut. Love getting your emails! TFS! I do have one question. How do you cut out an item that is monochromatic. For example using the Hello Cupcake icing, stamp it pumpkin pie on pumpkin pie. Is there a way to cut this out with the scan n cut?

  359. Dolores Bennett says:

    Wish you’d have shown how to cut out different circle shapes. Seems no one does that.

  360. Papered Chef says:

    Donna, there wouldn’t be enough contrast between the foreground and the background. Therefore, it wouldn’t get recognized. You can stamp it with black ink on white paper and then scan it and cut out a bunch of shapes. Then, you would have to use a positioning tool to line up your stamp onto the shape.

    Dolores, I have several tutorials on cutting out basic shapes. You can check out my Playlists for videos about making stickers with circle shapes. What did you want the circles for?

  361. Papered Chef says:

    Thanks Carol, more videos to come. Glad you are receiving my updates.

    Dee, thanks for subscribing to Paper Pumpkin. I hope you love your new kits as much as I do.

    Ladies, I would have replied sooner but the email notification about comments went into my Spam folder. I need to fix that.

  362. Gail S. says:

    Great video! Love the bookmarks/tags. Your video was very informative. Happily looking forward to the new cattie. I have a feeling I will be needing quite a few new items. Thanks for using the SNC with the SU products. That is very helpful.

  363. PaperedChef says:

    Thanks Gail! I am going to be trying every paper with the ScanNCut because curiosity is killing me. I hope a lot of them cut out well. Thanks for your comment.

  364. Kim Taylor says:

    So I was wondering if you can use the background scanning on something that you have stamped just black and white.

  365. PaperedChef says:

    Kim, yes, you can always use Background Scanning. It doesn’t matter what is on your mat. If you scan in the background, you have a reference point for placing the objects you cut out.

  366. Sara says:

    Hi Papered Chef, I have recently bought a brother scan n cut 2 and i’m devouring! your you tubes. Thanks so much!!!

    Could you please do a video on how to cut the new Stampin Up Mosaic bird paper?

    Thanks, Sara

  367. PaperedChef says:

    Hi Sara, thanks for your comment. That paper is super tricky because the birds are in pieces and not solid images. I’ll share a trick for that later in June. I have some other tutorials planned before then. You are on my list of requests and we will tackle the challenge.

  368. Dolores Bennett says:

    This bird collection is a must for me for sure. That is if I can get past the sign in problems. The whole collection is perfect and not just a couple of birds and tons of paper that is just complimentary…a fault with most paper collections.

    Looking forward to ordering from this great crafter and her awesome videos!

  369. PaperedChef says:

    Thanks Dolores, You are right. The paper is so full of birds that it really sticks to its theme. If you need help signing in, let me know.

  370. Barb Gibbs says:

    Love this video! Thanks so much for ding the birds!

  371. Barb Gibbs says:

    I love this! I’m sad it retired!

  372. Debbie Br says:

    Hi there, just saw video and am interested in getting the scanNcut. Do I have to get the online activation card? Is it necessary to make the machine cut paper like you are doing? Thanks

  373. Papered Chef says:

    Hi Debbie, the CM350 is what I’m using and it does require an extra add on called a Wireless Activation Card. It works without it but you will have an easier time with online project transfer. There is a link to the model I use inside of this blog post. You can cut stamped images, card stock or whichever patterned paper you want. I’m available for questions and I have courses to help you learn how to use it.

  374. Gail S. says:

    This Paper Pumpkin is pretty. You made great use of the kit by creating all the little projects. After watching your video last week, I did order the Mimi Hershey bar treat box from The Stamp Doctor. And now you show the lip balm box~~too cute! You teach me many things on your videos and there are times when you make me laugh with your comments. Thanks, Kimberly!

  375. PaperedChef says:

    Hi Gail, I absolutely love the little boxes. Last night, I gave them out to my friends and the servers at the restaurant. They are small enough to fit in your purse and it is nicer than giving someone a Hershey Miniature by itself. I just tried the lip balm box. Then, I wrote to The Stamp Doctor and told her that I mentioned her products in my video. She said that she made a coupon for me to share. Use coupon code THEPAPEREDCHEF to save 10% on your order.

  376. Mary DuBois says:

    Thank you so much for the tutorials. I am still learning all the techniques. I need help on cutting inside and outside of a stamp image (teapot) set from stampin-up. Very frustrating.

  377. Great video! I have made nugget holders using the Scallop Tag Punch before but never did make the little band around the bottom. I just used a glue dot to hold one nugget on the bottom. I think the band at the bottom really jazzed up the holder and for sure I will do that next time I make these! AND I will be using the new Delightful tag punch which I ordered earlier today. Cute! Cute! Cute!

  378. Sue Airhart says:

    Loved this tutorial. Looking forward to making these for friends and classroom.

  379. Sue Airhart says:

    I also wanted to say that more is better. Loved the examples with multiple embellishments. Will be using my brother dx125 for that. This is so great! Thank you.

  380. Papered Chef says:

    Thanks Gail and Sue,
    The band keeps the “mystery” going about what is inside of each of the little boxes. I also like them with at least 3 embellishments because I like to work in groups of threes. Even with just a thank you, they are cute and the birds just make them even cuter. Thanks for your comments ladies.

  381. Dolores Bennett says:

    Really nice…you are so good with your videos. But I’ve told you that before. If people just realized the money they could save not buying dies, but seems they just don’t think about it. Brother needs better promotional on the national level because you can’t reach all the people that need to know about the pleasures and money saving advantages by buying a SNC and watching your videos.

  382. Dolores Bennett says:

    Good evening, PC…

    Question for you. Let’s say I want a border but in green and not white. All I can figure out is to cute the subject close to the line, then place it on green paper and re-cut. But how do I get the main focus to stick to the green paper since it can’t work on a mat alone.

    If I used that special scanning mat, it has a base of black and a dark green paper to use as the border for my subject won’t have enough color variation to scan as it should.

    Now, we made it through the great swallow verses sea gull debate, we an make it through this new challenge, right? lol

    Thanks for your help…Dolores B.

  383. Jeanne Luddeni says:

    Oh how nice I’m still using my old one and love it.. I like magnolia anything.
    I always learn so much.

  384. Mary K Wessling says:

    Dolores Bennett, here is a video that might help:

  385. PaperedChef says:

    Thanks Jeanne and Dolores,
    You are in luck because I already showed how to cut out darker outlines of the stamped images onto card stock. Here is my blog post and video about that very topic Dolores.

  386. Jeanne Luddeni says:

    Oh I love this may have to get these…. Great job as usual.

  387. Dolores Bennett says:

    Greetings…I’ve asked you twice about what I am wondering about and maybe the mail was lost in space.

    So, what if I wanted a green border around a piece or in this case a different color than white? How would I do that?


  388. Papered Chef says:

    Hi Dolores,

    I remember answering your question a couple of times. I guess you are not notified or maybe the blog notifications went into cyber space.

    Here is a video where I showed how to cut a larger border around stamped images. See if this answers your question.

  389. PaperedChef says:

    Thanks Jeanne, glad you like my bird projects. They were so fun to color.

  390. Cynthia Sandoval says:

    I would like to join your team but would like a hard copy of your catalog. I have problems seeing it on my tablet.
    I am excited to join your team.

  391. Papered Chef says:

    Thanks Cynthia, That would be awesome to have you on my team. I sent you an email so I hope you received it and then we can go from there.

  392. Gail S. says:

    Everything in this video is pretty/cute. As you know, I already have purchased the Come Sail Away stamp set, dies and paper. I especially like the lip balm boxes. (That is probably because I already purchased the little Mini Hershey Bar box from The Stamp Doctor. I think that is pretty darn cute, too.) I am sure to be recreating some of the cards you just showed. Thanks, Kim!

  393. PaperedChef says:

    Thanks Gail! I am so glad you can put these ideas to use right away with your new Stampin’ Up! products. I would be flattered if you are inspired to create any of these projects. The little boxes are great to give out as little gifts and packaging really means a lot.

  394. Edie says:

    Wow All of your projeccts are great. You are very clever, you make so many different items. I would like to see the lip balm project. Thanks Edie

  395. Papered Chef says:

    Thanks Eddie, so far, that lip balm project has the most votes. By next week, I’ll see what the votes are and make a video on that topic.

  396. Theresa says:

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  397. Papered Chef says:

    I’m not offended at all and wasn’t even aware of that. I will have to work on my speech and microphone placement. It’s a process. My videos from a few years ago are laughable so I really have come a long way since then.
    The Papered Chef

  398. Gail S. says:

    I enjoyed this video. I looked at that High Seas embossing folder and told myself that I didn’t need it. Now I see that I do! I really like the lightly brayered version of the embossed cardstock. .

  399. Papered Chef says:

    Gail, our needs and wants get blurred when it comes to crafting. I’m glad you are inspired!

  400. Lea Ward says:

    Another great video!! Thanks so much

  401. Dolores Bennett says:

    I think this website is awesome. So beautifully professional.

    Thanks for all the information on where to buy what.

  402. PaperedChef says:

    Thanks Dolores, it takes a great deal of time to share my crafts with the world so I really appreciate that my efforts are not going unnoticed.

  403. Frenchiee says:

    Kim, unnoticed………… A never , I look forward to all your projects, and your so good at explaining them to us ,

    Hugs Frenchie ♥️

  404. BestKaitlyn says:

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    This is the best adsense alternative for any type of website
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    Thank you so much

  408. PaperedChef says:

    Thanks Gloria. I’m glad you love my projects. That was a good catch because it was the wrong link. The mini cups that I recommend DO come with lids. I fixed the link. Thanks. Here it is.

  409. Rhonda says:

    Never even noticed this in the catalog.

  410. PaperedChef says:

    Rhonda, I have so many friends in Germany and can’t wait to send cards to them. It is super easy to use too.

  411. Jan Stroh says:

    A wonderful Tutorial as usual! I went to Michael’s to buy some vinyl to make name labels for my granddaughters. They all had warnings on them . Have you ever seen that before? What vinyls would you recommend?

  412. Papered Chef says:

    Thanks Jan, I haven’t noticed any warnings. What are the warnings about?

  413. Doralyn Talton says:

    Thank you for your great video tutorial! I received my first 3D embossing folder today (Subtle) and was very frustrated when I could not get it through my Big Shot. I had no idea that I would need to purchase another Plate for the Big Shot or use shims! You did a great job of explaining and showing!

  414. Papered Chef says:


    You are very welcome. I now have that special plate but I’m glad I figured it out before that plate arrived because I really wanted to “make waves” and that was the only way to make it work.

  415. Dear Kimberly, My name is Linda and I live here in N.D. Because of you and watching your videos on your Scan an Cut I purchased mine back in December for my Christmas present to myself….
    I got the Scan& Cut DX and I just LOVE it. I too am a Stampin up customer and I save money by not getting all the dies and punches . I haven’t had a lot of time to really work with it, but what is does, I just LOVE, so I Thank you for that………….
    I do have a question for you . I don’t know if you have a video out on this and if you do tell me where I can find it…………. I printed out some words on a piece of card stock on my printer because I didn’t have a stamp for those words. Then I wanted to run that through my Scan & Cut machine and cut it out in the proper shaped oval to put that on another image, and I did not know how to do it. If you could just let me know or show me in a video unless you already have one out there could you let me know which one it is PLEASE. And thanks again for the videos you have put out there for those of us who are still leaning from watching you . You can send me a email too….. Thank you Kim. Linda

  416. Papered Chef says:

    Hi Linda,

    I appreciate your comment. I understand what you are trying to do. What you need to use is called Background Scab or Background Scanning. Then you can place your oval shapes over the right part of the background. Here is a video where I made stickers.

  417. Frenchiee says:

    Ooooh, I love them all, there BEAUITFUL, I love fall colors , thank you for sharing Kim,
    Always look forward your beautiful projects,,
    Have a blessed Sunday, hugs
    Frenchie 🍁🍂🍁🍂🍁🍂🍁🍂🍁🍂

  418. PaperedChef says:

    Thanks Frenchie! Glad you like this kit. I love all of the extra embellishments for layering. The colors go so well together.

  419. Dolores Bennett says:

    I think when people discover the advantages of the scanning device, they will understand what a creative world that unlocks!! The use of that with stamps alone will be an eye opener.

    All of this plus your no nonsense approach to teaching, your sense of humor and your never ending response to the viewers needs, will show them that the price for this class is worth every penny.

    Wishing you much success and logs of cyber hugs…Dolores

  420. PaperedChef says:

    Thanks Dolores for your vote of confidence in my new course. I had a lot of fun making this. I didn’t talk to myself of my cat too much but I know there are some funny moments where I made mistakes and kept on going. I hope to see you taking part in my latest course with all new course projects. Kim

  421. Janet says:

    Love all your projects from this kit, do you have instruction for the boxmadefrom the add on kit ombré cards? Thanks!

  422. PaperedChef says:


    Sure, I made this box with the On my Mind Kit. The ombré box was a little smaller but the concept is the same. Here is the tutorial.

  423. Linda says:

    Loved all your projects using the Elfie stamps, just so darn cute. You did a really good job explaining all we need to do to make those projects and ideas for more – Thank you. Great video as always.

  424. PaperedChef says:

    Thanks Linda! I have created another video tutorial on this because I left out some important steps. Here is the link to it.

  425. Dolores Bennett says:

    This is a great tutorial!! Been kind of spooked to try it and now I have no worries, thanks to you, kim.

    They should make a cleaning mat that can be run through the machine safely to pick up anything that cannot be reached easily.

    Until then, however, will follow your instructions. Already checked out the site on Amazon for near future buy.

    Again, thanks so much…

  426. PaperedChef says:

    Thanks Dolores, I love the idea of a cleaning mat. I already have requests for my Mom to make covers. That is more doable. She can sew really well. Not sure about me getting into the manufacturing process but I hope Brother comes out with a cleaning mat. I need to stick to my lane which is making cute crafts.

  427. Cyndi says:

    I REALLY enjoyed the tutorial on the “Snowman Tag Treats.” The Papered Chef was excellent at explaining the directions (I have 4 pages of notes!) and the dry erase board with the dimensions on it was a great idea.

    She did not go on and on and on about “how adorable this set is” and “how precious this set is.” I SERIOUSLY appreciated that. If I start watching a tutorial where the Demonstrator talks more about how “cute the set is” than the directions for using the set, I will turn it off and find another one. I can’t stand that! We already know how adorable the set is because we are watching you, right? So clearly we have already seen the set, like the set, and are looking for more information. We don’t need to be told how cute it is 32 times! I’m sorry. That just irritates me and the Papered Chef did NOT do that. VERY much appreciated !!

    • PaperedChef says:

      Cyndi, I really appreciate your comment. I always like to jump right into the content and not waste my viewers time. I love to share my “adorable” projects but I try to always save that until after I teach you how to make them. That way, my viewers have the tutorial and if you all want to stick around for more inspiration, that is great.

  428. Diane Daniher says:

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  429. Nancy Brewerton says:

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    I love making cards and treats for halloween.

  430. Lyn Biederstedt says:

    This sounds like a great class to enhance what I learned from the beginning SDX125 class. I have enjoyed using your experience and skills to make my crafting projects better. Because of your class and youtube videos, I have already used my machine much more than my previous machine (Cricut). I love combining my Stampin’ Up products with my SDX125.

    Please keep me posted on this card making class.

  431. PaperedChef says:

    Thanks so much Lyn, I have added a discount coupon to this post. I am glad you are making the most of your machine now. Makes me happy.

  432. Melanie Jerome says:

    i just finished part 1 of your latest class and made some z fold

    soo much fun learning mt 350 scancut this way. where can i post pics for you to see what i made?

  433. Papered Chef says:

    Melanie, this is amazing! Thanks so much to be the first to do an assignment! Ok, I would like you to post it on two places because there is a prize for posting cards in my Facebook this week. It is World Card Sending Week.

    The other place to share your work is in the Conclusion section of the course. I added an assignment to make a card or more that one card from the course. Share your pic there too. Thanks!

  434. P Smith says:

    I like to watch your tutorials in Card making. Do you show tutorials on SVG files? I Like to make luminaries too.

  435. PaperedChef says:

    Hi Diane, There are many free SVG files with spider webs in them so if I ever need one, I would cut it from a file. I think the ones that came in the kit are much too delicate. They would have to be glued to black card stock to be recognized and I don’t think the ScanNCut would do a good job with something with thin lines like that.

    Hi Nancy, Thanks for your comment. Halloween is the holiday where we get to be the most silly with our crafts. Kim

  436. Stephanie Alton says:

    I think this is such a cute idea. Love the “inside” ideas too. I think you have two #24 because one is gold if you want to really highlight Christmas Eve. Love your videos!

  437. Papered Chef says:

    Thanks Stephanie! That makes sense because some people only celebrate Christmas Eve and not Christmas Day. Glad you watched my latest video.

  438. Christine Van Dyk says:

    Hello, do any of these courses cover the older Scan n Cut Cm900??
    Would love to get a good tutorial for that.
    Thank you
    Christine Van Dyk

  439. Papered Chef says:

    My first two courses are on the CM350 and you can follow along with that model. Check out my Basics and Advanced courses. Also, my Card Making class will work with any model of ScanNCut which is wireless enabled. Or, you can transfer the files via a cable or USB stick if you are not wireless enabled.

  440. Judy Wilson says:

    Very good tutorial. I think you mentioned in this video that there is a way to reduce the outward offset cutting line to less than .04 inches. Which of your videos did you demonstrate that?

  441. Roberta Lopez says:

    Can I ask how much you charge for these at your craft show? I have such a difficult time pricing things. I want to try these for a craft show this fall. I needed something new to try.
    Thank you

  442. Papered Chef says:

    I would charge $3 typically for these. It depends on how much you are purchasing your supplies for, your table cost, etc. No less than $2 and no more than $4.

  443. Anonymous says:

    Hello! Great video…could you tell me where I can find your instructions for making the Twix box from a card base? Thank you so much!

  444. Papered Chef says:

    Thanks, I showed how to create a box out of a card in this video. You use 0.75 for the sides and you are good to go.

    July 2019 Paper Pumpkin Kit – Alternative Project – Box Tutorial & Cutting Stamped Images

  445. June Ferguson says:

    Perfect! Thank you so much…I appreciate it! 😊

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    I would like a Stampin Up catalog. I am especially interested i the cut stamp and die.
    I wnt a Scan and Cut but I am technolgy challenged. But I understand you and think I could master the basics. Do you have a suggestion as to model? I know you are busy and if you can’t answer I certainly understand.

  447. Jeanette B Kluesner says:

    It’s the cat stamp and die I am interested in. Sorry for the mistake.

  448. LM says:

    Can you make more of the trees like you did the bird?
    Awesome scan n cut.
    Thank you,

  449. PaperedChef says:

    Hi LM, yes, try scanning the birch trees in on a dark background for contrast. Then, they can be recognized. You may loose a little detail but it should work.

  450. Deb Stanton says:

    To buy all of the recommended materials this would cost over $100.00 and thst doesn’t include having a prime account. Curious how many snowman tic tac treats this would make? It’s very cute.

  451. Papered Chef says:

    Hi Deb, you don’t need the Snowman Builder Punch to create the hats of you have a Brother ScanNCut. I cut the hats out of the designer series paper. I didn’t punch them out. Be sure to watch the tutorial so you can see how many snowmen fit on the card stock you are using. You can use any white card stock. I get two treats out of one 8.5” x 11” sheet. I love using stickers this year. Last year, I showed how to cut out the carrots using the Brother ScanNCut. In other words – there are hundreds of ways to make these, depending on your budget.

  452. Jan M says:

    This is the first tutorial on Canvas Workspace I’ve used. I downloaded the program a few months ago, and my version isn’t like the one you used in the video, but I did finally figure out how to transfer the FCM file via the Internet. When I turned my ScanNCut 650 on, the treat box liner was there waiting for me. Thanks so much for this tutorial. I learned a lot about using Canvas Workspace. It helps getting into the basics.

  453. Papered Chef says:

    Hi Jan, you are using the computer based version which is different than the web based version of Canvas Workspace. I use my PC version when I want to access fonts on my computer but other than that, I usually use the web based one like this. Either way, you can do this project and I’m glad it was waiting for you to cut out. Thanks!

  454. Diana says:

    The gift bags are so very pretty! I am looking for suggestions on what to put in the bags for giving to friends. Thinking of handing them out at a Happy Hour Party. Any ideas?

  455. PaperedChef says:

    Hi Diana,

    You can get single cake mixes or brownie mixes. Each one is baked in a mug. Those fit well in the bags. Treats, a little spa kit, gift cards and tea or coffee also work well.

  456. Lil Kennington says:

    I received an email from crafting consortium to update me scczn n cut to enable a usb I purchased to be able to use it. Is this true and how do I do it. Thank you.

  457. Phyllis K says:

    LOVE this idea!! Making up a bunch for stocking stuffers for Christmas. You are very creative and and excellent teacher. ThankYou!

  458. Papered Chef says:

    Phyllis, you are very welcome. I totally meant to do this with Christmas papers this year and didn’t. I’m glad you are making stocking stuffers and carrying out what you learn.

  459. Barbara says:

    What are the score lines for the 3 boxes.
    I know one is 7/8.

  460. Papered Chef says:

    Hi Barbara,

    Thanks for checking out my tutorial at the end and for sticking with the video that long. The 3 boxes were scored at 3/4” or 7/8” or 1” with the same score distance around all 4 sides. You reminded me that I need to add that to my description.


  461. Joy Senecal says:

    I would create a stamp.set about new ornaments babies..crib/basssinette-high chair-pacifier/bottle – 3-4 babies in different poses(asleep/awake/ laughing/crying

    My favorite stamp.set is by the dock however it’d be great paired with petal to the metal 🙂 ..put boat in truck, 4 wheeler on the dock etc..definitely fun!

  462. Papered Chef says:

    Thanks for sharing your ideas Joy.

  463. Frenchiee says:

    Kim , have tried cutting the hearts from my heart DSP? With your ScanNCut? I just did and it only cut the inside heart 😢 then I put a red card stock behind it tried cutting the rest of the hearts and no it won’t , I did color mode and black and no , can u please help , thanks
    Frenchie ♥️♥️♥️♥️🌹

  464. Hi Frenchie,

    I don’t have that dsp yet and I purchased the punches so I wouldn’t have to cut it out with the ScanNCut. Have you tried enclosing the heats with a pencil so that the ScanNCut will recognize them?

  465. Meigan says:

    Your videos are great. I love my scan n cut but you have made it even more useful and the tips and tricks are so very helpful!

  466. Brandy N Magruder says:

    What version of windows do you have? I just downloaded, but my screen looks different and I can’t access font on my computer

  467. Papered Chef says:

    Brandy, I’m using Windows 10. After you downloaded the software, did you install it and then open it from your Desktop? I’m using the installed version and not the web based version.

  468. Sharon Roselli says:

    These are lovely projects. But could you do something different than the paper pumpkin? I enjoy Stampin Up but not the monthly kit.

  469. PaperedChef says:

    Sharon, thank for checking out my projects. One tutorial a month is dedicated to Paper Pumpkin. You will find hundreds of tutorials on other craft topics here. This is a link to my latest post:
    The Papered Chef

  470. Mary Gibson says:

    Thank you so much !!! Brother needs to find out about you !! you are a BREATH of FRESH AIR!!!!! make Learning so easy and you make stuff I want to make!!! Thank you!!!

  471. Thanks Mary, my viewers and subscribers know all about me so that’s what matters. I love helping all of you master the machine. Thanks for your comment.

  472. Dee Holmes says:

    great video but how about how to fit to path at the bottom of say a circle with the words upright. I keep getting them upside down.

  473. Rita Loy says:

    I have tried Fit to Path and I like how this new function adds much more functionality for my craft projects with my ScanNCut. The more I try out this function the better I find new uses for Fit To Path.

  474. Papered Chef says:

    Great Rita, I’m glad you already had a chance to play with it. I’m excited to share this update.

  475. Michelle Mallett says:

    Great project where did you get your lipstick pens?

  476. Papered Chef says:

    Thanks Michelle, I got those on Amazon. Here is the link. • Lipstick Pens:

  477. Sharon Roselli says:

    I’ve looked and there doesn’t seem to be an update for SDX125 is this only for the CM models?

  478. Papered Chef says:

    Sharon, there is definitely an update for the SDX models for the PC and for most versions of the MAC. Brother took the update down for a bit but it came back and it works. Please try again.

  479. Sylvia Sanchez says:

    I love your blog posts, the way you teach and explain things and the fact you do Scan & Cut tutorials as well. I discovered you on Udemy and I must say your Scan N Cut SDX125 course was the best for a new owner. I’m now taking another of your Udemy courses.

  480. PaperedChef says:

    Sylvia, I appreciate you taking my course and I thank you for your comment.

  481. Sheri Lekan says:

    A HUGE THANK YOU TO YOU!!! I have recommended your class to a few friends, I learned so much from you, and this curved text thing was driving me crazy trying to figure it out on my own. You make it so easy for us “tech challenged” people 🙂

  482. PaperedChef says:

    Dee, I did a follow up video showing just that. How to manipulate the text on both the top and the bottom of the path. Here is the link to that post.

    Sheri, I appreciate you recommending my classes to others. Thanks for checking out this tutorial. My next ScanNCut course is all about working with fonts so this will be included with even more examples.

  483. Karen says:

    Great tutorial I will be making these for Easter

  484. Jeannine says:

    I cannot update my workspace to use this feature, I keep getting an error message?!

  485. Sherry says:

    You have such a gift for creating and for treating your “friends” with surprises. Thank you sooooo much. You are so appreciated.
    Love this video. I think I can do these!!

  486. Thanks Sherry,

    I like treating others. I think it makes me feel good too. At many of my former jobs, I was part or or even the chair of the Social Committee or Sunshine Committee and we created treats for every employee several times a year.

  487. Barbara Kennedy says:

    GREAT VIDEO!!! This is a very beautiful kit & you really took advantage of all of it,
    thank you for the great ideas.

  488. Papered Chef says:

    Thanks Barbara! I ordered lots of refills for that kit and had fun making small note cards with it. I appreciate your comment.

  489. Adelle Yonan says:

    Wonderful video! Can you contact me about my Patreon account please?

  490. JOAN VANCOURT says:

    Awesome! Thank you for the video.

  491. Papered Chef says:

    Adelle and Joan,
    I appreciate you watching . Thank you for your comments. Adelle, I’m sending you an email now.

  492. Jan M says:

    Loved this video, Kim. Can you please tell me if the deep cut blade holder for the CM350 can also be used in the SDX125?(I just watched another of your videos on cutting out mylar masks.) 🙂

    Also, when will you be posting the signup for your Udemy font class?

  493. Papered Chef says:

    Jan, the Deep Cut Blade holder can’t be used with the SDX because it has Autoblade technology. However, you wouldn’t need it because it already cuts thicker materials.

    My course should be launched on Udemy in the next couple of weeks. You can expect a launch video where I share all of the projects with you.

  494. Adelle says:

    What a cute font!

  495. PaperedChef says:

    Thanks Adelle. The Happy Rabbit font is a FREE font you can download. Just search for this fun font and others.

  496. Sue Bryant says:

    Can I purchase this kit as a customer not as a demonstrater

  497. Papered Chef says:

    Hi Sue, Only new demonstrators get this incredible deal. I just sent you an email explaining this in more detail.

  498. Linda Mack says:


  499. PaperedChef says:

    Thanks Linda. It is nice to see my older tutorials making their way around the Internet.

  500. Debbie Wicklund says:

    I’m hoping to one day get a Scan & Cut. Your instructions are very understandable. Thanks

  501. D Collins says:

    I purchased the working with fonts class through PayPal yesterday 3/16. I have not received a confirmation email and do not know how to access the class. Is the class no available yet?


  502. Papered Chef says:

    D, the course is online and you can access it right away. You go to
    Then, after you log in, go to My Courses. You can work through the course at your own pace.

  503. MaryNSC says:

    OOO Thank you Cant wait to start with Class !!!! Ms Kim!!!

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  513. PaperedChef says:


    You had me stumped on that one but I looked it up and YES, you can merge two accounts. Here are the instructions and the link to submit a support ticket are in the instructions. Just give them your two email accounts when you submit the ticket and they can merge your two accounts.


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    Hi Sylvia, that embossing kit wasn’t easy to figure out and I do prefer my regular embossing machines. Here is the link.

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  520. PaperedChef says:

    Hi Carole, you can get a free account at and then see the projects. Just keep in mind that you have the whole world at your fingertips. I rarely use the built in projects. I find SVGs from all over the Internet and import them. If you are interested, there are a few videos and tutorials on the Template Maker web site and how to use it with the ScanNCut.

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  525. PaperedChef says:

    Sheila, I’m proud of you for troubleshooting and for getting this working. This is fun and I make card backgrounds quite often. I used the Follow Your Art dsp for this project. You would use the same settings for the Ornate Garden because although it is specialty paper, it is not very thick.

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  528. Papered Chef says:

    Hi Deb, Thanks for watching. I don’t have that stamp set but I looked at images of it and it looks like the bottom of the stem, a few leaves and a few petals are open. You have to close up all of the gaps before trying again. It looks like it should get recognized after that. Give it a shot.

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    thanks, Dolores

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  533. PaperedChef says:

    Dolores, Cutting out images on a dark background is the same exact process. I have shown that in my online courses and I will show it on YouTube as well sometime.

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  536. PaperedChef says:

    Yes, you can use it for journaling and I have several tutorials on using the Universal Pen Tool. Here is a recent one. I suggest designing in Canvas Workspace so that you can use your own fonts which are installed on your computer. Here is a tutorial –

  537. Joy Senecal says:

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    Rita, here are the details about the Deluxe Paper Share which includes 45 more 6″ x 6″ papers from the Holiday Catalog.

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  546. PaperedChef says:

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  547. PaperedChef says:

    Hi Liizetta, I had to watch the video to see which embossing folder you were referring to. I love that one. It is the Mosaic embossing folder and it is no longer available at Stampin’ Up! Kim

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    Hi Vicky, If your blade is cutting too deep, lower the pressure inside of your settings. Here is a recent tutorial. I shared how to change settings.

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    Mary, Thanks for the tip about the homemade embossing buddy. I’ll be sharing it in my Ink It Up Series on YouTube the next time I share embossing.

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  568. Papered Chef says:

    Donna, the glitter pens are very inexpensive and I’ve been using them and throwing them out for years. This just gives us one more full use but after that, just purchase another. You are never going to be able to formulate the glitter solution as well as they can in the factory where these are made.

  569. PaperedChef says:

    Kim, You create a rectangle 4″ x 3 1/4″ and then score at 1 1/4″ on each side. Thanks for your comment. I just updated this post with the dimensions.

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  597. PaperedChef says:

    Hi Pam, that paper is very tricky. Here are two tutorials I created with the Mosaic Mood DSP. Lots of tips and tricks.

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    Hi Mary Alice, yes, I have a course on Canvas Workspace. All of my courses are listed here. I generate coupons a couple of times a month and will add you to my newsletter to be notified. Thanks!

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    Stamparatus [146276] ––

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  615. PaperedChef says:

    Hi Donna, we are using the Butterfly Bijou dsp to decorate the hoop is only 6 inches so I suggest a hoop not more than 5 inches wide so that we have excess paper to trim. Kim

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    Thanks so much for purchasing the kit! I will have started the first card project before you get the kit but you can still follow along and then watch it again when your kit comes. I’m excited to share the projects.


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    Ginger, thanks for watching Part 1. I finished that style of card yesterday during Part 2 and look forward to the rest of the series.

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