Mentos Snow Buddies

Mentos Snow Buddies


Mini Santa hats
Glimmer paper
Wiggle eyes
Rolling adhesive
Hot glue
Mentos candy

Last year, I made Reindeer Mentos Wraps for stocking stuffers so this year I wanted to try something different. I asked my Mom to sew me some little hats to put on Mentos Snow Men. She made me a lot of little hats and when we put them on the Mentos and added wiggle eyes, the idea of the Snow Buddy was born. These really didn’t look right as snowman. We added an orange carrot nose that I cut out with my Cricut and it just didn’t look right. So, we added a little scarf and the little snow buddy was as cute as he could be. You can tie on any ribbon or paper to make a scarf.


Cut a piece of glimmer paper 5.5” by 3”. Adhere it to the candy with rolling adhesive. Tip: Although a 3” width works best, if you cut each at about 2.75”, then you can get 6 Mentos wrappers out of one 8.5” by 11” piece of paper. Don’t use card stock because it will not stay on for long without super strong adhesive. My Mom created the little hats on her sewing machine. You can also make them yourself using the tips of a glove. Add a small pom pom to each using hot glue. Place a hat on the Mentos. No need to glue it if it fits snugly. Use hot glue to attach wiggle eyes right below the hat. Tie a scarf of paper or ribbon onto each snow buddy. If you overlap the scarf, it will hold better with hot glue. These make great stocking stuffers, gifts for baskets, and/or fun holiday treats for friends and family.

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