Coffee & RedHots DIY Ornaments

Coffee and RedHots Ornaments


Sand Ornaments – Bulb (Hobby Lobby)
Coffee beans
RedHots cinnamon candy, 5.5 oz bag or box
Ribbon or twine


I know, I’m the Papered Chef and there is not any paper in this craft. I did manage to put one into a bag and add a topper to it but this post is more for inspiration than for technique. I wanted to share this DIY ornament idea that I came up with because it is so much more fun that handing someone a bag of coffee or candy. The plastic ornaments from the “Make It Christmas” collection come in a bag of 12 for $6.99. Keep an eye out for Hobby Lobby’s 50% off Christmas items sale which happens almost every other week during the months leading up to Christmas. You just unscrew the top of each plastic ornament and fill them with coffee beans or candy. I recommend using a funnel and a bowl to catch everything that falls out of the ornament during filling. One bag of RedHots will fill 3 ornaments. I tried filling these with M&Ms and Skittles but they were too big. Even if a few went in, they were very difficult to get back out. Tic Tacs would work as a filler too but they would be an expensive endeavor. Tie twine or ribbon on each ornament. These treats make great stocking stuffers. I added them to care packages.

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