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Hello Crafty Friends, 

My name is Kimberly Smith, The Papered Chef. I’m a crafter, blogger, YouTube creator and teacher. In 2017, I started a YouTube channel in order to share the projects I was working on with the world. It has been a very rewarding and challenging experience for me. My channel has experienced tremendous growth and support and I want to give back to the community by having a place where my viewers and supporters can play a more active role in the content I create. All patrons will participate in polls and will help decide the topics for future tutorials and courses. I am excited to offer tiers with perks which will only grow over time as I am able to dream up rewards for my supporters. You will play an active role in my channel. 

I discovered Patreon concept and think it is a wonderful tool for being able to grow with my audience and supporters. My pledge is to keep it real. I will always tell you what I like and dislike about a product and how it can benefit you as a crafter. I will produce tutorials you are interested in. I will improve the production quality and delivery of my content to make the viewing experience more enjoyable for my viewers. I appreciate your support and look forward to spending time with you.

Thank you for your support!

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