Brother ScanNCut Tips & Tricks – Cleaning your Scan and Cut – Cleaning the Scanning Plate or Glass

In this ScanNCut Tips & Tricks tutorial, I show you how to clean your Brother ScanNCut CM350 or Scan and Cut 2. It was time to clean mine so I wanted to share how I clean my machine. It was something that really needed to be done! I use a Q-tip to clean the blade holder, wet wipes and a Magic Eraser on the outside of my ScanNCut and lens cleaning wipes or screen cleaning wipes on the inside to clean the scanner plate or scanner glass. 

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  1. This is a great tutorial!! Been kind of spooked to try it and now I have no worries, thanks to you, kim.

    They should make a cleaning mat that can be run through the machine safely to pick up anything that cannot be reached easily.

    Until then, however, will follow your instructions. Already checked out the site on Amazon for near future buy.

    Again, thanks so much…

  2. Thanks Dolores, I love the idea of a cleaning mat. I already have requests for my Mom to make covers. That is more doable. She can sew really well. Not sure about me getting into the manufacturing process but I hope Brother comes out with a cleaning mat. I need to stick to my lane which is making cute crafts.

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