Brother Scan and Cut Blade Holders

Brother ScanNCut Troubleshooting Tips: Cleaning the Blade Holder and Sharpening Your Blades

By PaperedChef, January 31, 2019

Brother Scan and Cut Blade Holders


In this tutorial, I share several troubleshooting tips to use with your Brother ScanNCut. First, I share how to clean the blade holder. Next, I shared how to sharpen the the blades using foil. Then, I shared how foil can be used to sharpen other craft tools. I compared the standard blade to the deep cut blade and explained which types of projects each is useful for. Finally, I gave a brief overview of the types of things that a Brother Scan and Cut can do and how it can help you be a more efficient crafter.

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  1. VickyPEllis says:

    I still trying to learn the machine and the cutting I’m cutting to deep I want to know how to adjust the size of the blade

  2. Papered Chef says:

    Hi Vicky, If your blade is cutting too deep, lower the pressure inside of your settings. Here is a recent tutorial. I shared how to change settings.

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