Brother ScanNCut Tutorial – Cleaning & Maintenance – Scanning Plate, Blade Holder, Mats, & Alignment

In this Brother Scan and Cut Tutorial, you will learn how to clean and maintain your ScanNCut. It’s time for Spring Cleaning. You will learn tips and tricks for cleaning and maintaining the Brother Scan and Cut SDX125 and the ScanNCut 2 or CM350. The concepts apply to any model of ScanNCut you own. Tuning-Up your machine will keep it working well so that you can get the best cuts possible. 

Here are the steps to clean and maintain your machine. First, we clean the machine and scanning plate. To clean the outside of the machine, use alcohol free baby wipes and a magic eraser. Then, we turn over the machine and clean the scanning plate with Windex wipes. Next, we clean the blade holder with a Q-tip and sharpen the blade with a ball of aluminum foil. Don’t hold the ball of foil in your hand while sharpening the blade. Instead, leave the ball of foil on the table while poking the blade into it. Also, while you have your blade holder open, check the springs. Then, we clean the mats with warm water and Dawn dish soap or other mild detergent. When the mat dries, use Painter’s tape to cover the edges. Then, apply a layer of Two-Way glue mixed with a little water. It will go on blue and then dry clear. Then, your mat will be tacky again. To keep it sticky, use the dust cover when you are not using your mat. Restick as often as necessary. Finally, you learn a very important maintenance tip about aligning your machine. Use a piece of white 12″ by 12″ card stock and follow the steps to complete the Scanning/Cutting Position Adjustment. I used Whisper White card stock by Stampin’ Up! for this alignment process. 

Still don’t have a ScanNCut?
Brother ScanNCut SDX125E
Brother ScanNCut2 CM350E

Papered Chef’s ScanNCut User Group 

Spring Cleaning & Maintenance Supplies
Two-Way Glue
Magic Erasers
Windex Wipes 
Huggies Wipes
Aluminum Foil
Goo Gone Original
Whisper White 12″ X 12″ Cardstock [124302]

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  1. Great Video as usual Kimberly.

    I have a question. I purchased the Scan N Cut Embossing Kit & I do not not like it. I do not like embossing on tin. Will you please do a video on using the embossing kit using card stock? (if that’s possible)

    Thank you for all your wonderful video’s!!

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