Brother ScanNCut Tutorial – Canvas Workspace for the PC – Creating Curved Text – Fit to Path

UPDATE: After I published this Canvas Workspace tutorial on YouTube, Brother took down the update to fix bugs. I still encourage you to watch this and check out this new feature because it is amazing. Brother should be making the download available very soon. 

In this Brother ScanNCut tutorial, you will learn how to create curved text. The latest version of Canvas Workspace for the PC has the Fit to Path feature which can help you take your designs to a whole new level. I share how to fit text to a path, how to change the font style, how to increase the spacing of your characters, how to draw a path with the Freehand Path Tool and fit text to it. The curved text can be detached, edited and then reattached using fit to path. You can download the latest Canvas Workspace for the PC update by going to and then searching for your model of Brother Scan and Cut. The software version we are working with is 2.3.0 which was released on 1/28/2020.

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  1. Thank you so much !!! Brother needs to find out about you !! you are a BREATH of FRESH AIR!!!!! make Learning so easy and you make stuff I want to make!!! Thank you!!!

  2. great video but how about how to fit to path at the bottom of say a circle with the words upright. I keep getting them upside down.

  3. A HUGE THANK YOU TO YOU!!! I have recommended your class to a few friends, I learned so much from you, and this curved text thing was driving me crazy trying to figure it out on my own. You make it so easy for us “tech challenged” people 🙂

  4. Hi, I am debating whether to purchase a ScanNCut or a Cricut machine, trying to learn about them before deciding, and have so appreciated your generous and easy to follow tutorials. Can you guide me to where I can find some information about the ‘built in’ projects, fonts etc that come with the machine. I don’t want to always have to chase up patterns e.g.templates for boxes, flowers etc to scan in first. I know Cricut has lots of ready to cut projects and a subscription service for others available. Thank you for your help. You are great, keep up the wonderful work. Cheers Carole

  5. Hi Carole, you can get a free account at and then see the projects. Just keep in mind that you have the whole world at your fingertips. I rarely use the built in projects. I find SVGs from all over the Internet and import them. If you are interested, there are a few videos and tutorials on the Template Maker web site and how to use it with the ScanNCut.

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